Thursday, February 19, 2009

Poor Mike Bloomberg

Never thought I'd say that. But now that our mayor wants a third term, he's desperately trying to get back into the good graces of the Republican party -- and having a tough time. In fact, none of the major or third parties in this city want him on their ballot.

Why? After all, he's got hundreds of millions of dollars to throw at them!

Because politics isn't all about money in the end (just mostly). Mike has shown open disdain for party politics and acted as though he was "above the fray." Remember, in 2007 he declared himself an independent and told the GOP to go to hell. Now, I have no love for this particular political party as you may know, but they were, understandably, offended and don't really want to accept back the prodigal billionaire. This anti-politician politician act only goes so far -- if you want to elected, you gotta get on the ballot. And money isn't enough to heal big wounded New York egos.

For all his money and all the political talent he's vacuuming up, Mike and his brain trust didn't seem to think about this rather important point until quite recently. Mike rashly had term-limits extension rammed through before he even thought "Hey! I don't belong to a party anymore. What ballot line will I run on?"

As you know, I thought this anti-democratic term-limits extension was disgraceful, and now it's coming back to bite Mike. His greedy power grab made him put the political cart before the political horse.

Karma is most certainly a bitch.

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  1. Here's what I don't understand: If He was planning to run for president as an independent, then why does he feel it necessary to run on a party line for his 3rd term as mayor?


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