Sunday, March 11, 2012

Anchors Away?

Huge news in the world of NYC local news this week.

Sue Simmons is going away ... for now. 

In the history of New York City news, few people are as iconic as Sue Simmons. For the last 32 years, she and Chuck Scarborough have anchored the local nightly news on WNBC. In the tumultuous world of broadcasting, for two people to hold the same jobs for more than three decades, is amazing. Chuck and Sue are practically household names in NYC -- more famous than the big network and cable anchors -- and they have been respected, trusted, and adored. Growing up, I learned a lot about the city in which I lived from Chuck and Sue. Their professionalism, integrity, and overall appeal was undeniable. As a little, and now a grown up, I thought they were the best.

But Sue has apparently priced herself out of her job. So she's being let go. I have no doubt that she'll pop up somewhere soon but it somehow won't be the same without Chuck and Sue putting the city to bed each night. (Never mind that Sue Simmons began her career at a time when being a black woman wasn't exactly a big asset in the competitive world of news.)

And another anchor is rising. Pat Kiernan who wakes the city up each morning on NY1 is apparently being courted to replace -- can you believe this? -- Regis Philbin! He co-hosted "Live!" with Kelly Ripa this week and rumors are swirling that he might became the permanent replacement. Which means those of us who enjoy our local Canadian import might lose him to the nation. 

Plus ca change ... 

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