Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy NYC

NYC is a tough place. A rough place. 

It's a great place, true, but few would call it a happy place.

But certain spots in NYC are associated with being happy. Places people go to ... find happiness within the urban swirl of craziness.

There's a blog called OneHappyBird that is doing a survey of some of happiest places in NYC. People can go on there and indicate the places in this town that make them happy.

Not surprisingly, it's parks -- particularly Central Park -- that makes New Yorkers most happy. And within Central Park, it's the area around 76th and 77th streets that makes them the happiest of all. 

I'm not surprised by this -- this is probably the most beautiful, serene, lovely place in Central Park. It has very happy memories for me personally: as a kid I used to sail my milk box sailboats in the big lake around there. And last year, my wife and I walked around there after just learning that our baby was going to be a girl. 

So feel free to answer this survey and let Mr NYC know -- what parts of NYC make you happy?

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