Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ray Kelly is watching you! If you're a liberal, that is ...

Since the 9/11, NYC has grown to become a security state. This is understandable, obviously, and surveillance has been a big part of it. Undercover spying of terrorist groups or suspected terrorists and the like is, again, understandable.

But the NYPD under Ray Kelly has gone way beyond its brief.

Apparently their spying has creeped into surveillance of liberal advocacy groups. In the warped, twisted mind of this man, these groups are somehow on the level of terrorists. 

What a waste of taxpayer money and police resources. Has this spying ever resulted in an arrest? In the breaking up of a terrorist cell? No. So why does it continue.

But Ray Kelly and the NYPD have an authoritarian, fascist mindset. If they don't like your politics, they think you're "the enemy." How sick.

Ray Kelly has got to go. 

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