Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bloomberg at the Vampire Squid

You may have heard about the now former Goldman Sachs employee who wrote a resignation letter via New York Times editorial last week. He said, in so many words, that the firm is an evil, cynical, greedy corporation that rips off its customers and the general public a like.

This op-ed was such a bombshell that Goldman's share price took a nosedive and they've been on a furious PR defense since then.

They got some help from Hizzoner, Mayor Bloomberg. Yes, the Mayor off, by and for the 1% decided that he wanted to show his solidarity with Goldman by visiting them this week. He went there to pep up and soothe the hurt feelings of some of the richest people on earth. 

It's really amazing: we have massive poverty and unemployment in this city but what gets Mayor Bloomberg's sympathies fired up? What gets him feeling sorry for people? A bunch of rich people who've been told what a bunch of greedy bastard they are.  

These are the people who Bloomberg feels sorry for. 

He can't get out of office soon enough. 

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