Monday, March 19, 2012

Diary of a Very Boring Call Girl

Because the real news is so depressing (war, recession, the Republican presidential primary), it's always great when something about sex becomes newsworthy.

Sex doesn't just sell -- it distracts.

The big news around town for the last couple of weeks has been about a suburban soccer mom who was busted for being a big time Manhattan madam. Apparently she had lots of girls (sometimes, in the parlance of the trade, referred to as "bitches") who she hooked up with clients for about $1000 a pop (hehe). Basically she would just call or text the girls, tell them to go to a hotel or an apartment, the gal and the client would shtup, and then they would go their separate ways. 

And now one of the girls speaks! Read all about it in this anonymous tell all!

And what she has to say is amazingly ... uninteresting.

This gal would just sit around and wait for a call, go practice her trade and then ... wait for another call. She didn't like working in an office or doing anything else apparently, so she just did nothing else except wait for a call. The guys she banged were not, according to her, famous or even really rich. They were basically middle aged executives. No governors or senators or big time actors -- just upper class working stiffs. She said that she didn't even mind having sex with gross guys. Or anyone.

This broad makes her sex sound really, really boring. 

No one beat her or handcuffed her. No one wanted a certain kind of "discipline" administered. Sometimes a guy would want a threesome -- and even that was apparently less than fun.

After reading all this, my only question is, what were they paying her for? For $1000, her clients deserved better. If I were one of them, I would be demanding a refund.

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