Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Astoria Park Pool ... Theater

One of my first blog posts was about the Astoria Park Pool and how awesome it is.

Now it's set to also became an outdoor theater.

Part of the pool -- right under the big diving board -- is abandoned and just basically a big hole in the ground. It's dirty and gross and useless -- so filling it in with concrete and turning it into an ampitheater is a really cool idea. 

A small wrinkle -- the diving board isn't being removed. It's landmarked, and I would imagine that removing it would be a nightmare, so it'll stay. 

What's really great about this is that it shows what an efficient city NYC is. Like the Highline before it, it's a great thing that we can re-purpose and re-use public spaces and structures without destroying them. It's a wonderful thing to re-imagine the city.

It honors our past while making our future more exciting. 

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