Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bubble Lounge

As the biggest dork in NYC, I don't usually go where the beautiful people hang (I'm more of a dive bar kinda guy). However, this past weekend I went to a beautiful people hot-spot called Bubble Lounge in Tribeca for a birthday soiree -- and was pleasantly surprised.

Bubble Lounge is a champagne bar and it has over 300 varieties of bubbly. For $16, I had a glass of something called Paris Bloom and it was REALLY good, easily the best glass of champagne I've ever had in my life. And while we didn't eat, they also have an extensive food menu and some really tasty desserts.

Bubble Lounge is trendy and a bit pricey, but it's less expensive than a nightclub and much easier to get into. Not only that, but it has a pleasant decor, lots of comfortable seats, and very good service.

As beautiful people place go, Bubble Lounge is a real find.

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  1. Flute in the west 50s is also a great date/birthday party venue.


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