Tuesday, April 7, 2009

WNYC Cityscapes

New York City is an evolving animal, a dynamic panoply of buildings, parks, landmarks, and streets that make up the physical city. Our infrastructure is in constant flux, and its nearly impossible to keep track of everything being built up and torn down in this ever changing place. But this place is our home, and our home is always being redesigned.

WNYC is dedicating the month of April to a feature called Cityscapes, both online and on air. Each Wednesday morning, Brian Lehrer interviews New York Times architecture critic Paul Goldberger and other experts about the city's physical character and how economic development, artistic vision, local politics, and current events are affecting our city.

I heard the first of these segments last weeks and it was really interesting. Best of all, the callers were really good and made the guests think and talk about things they hadn't considered before.

You also should really look at the Cityscapes website, it has lots of pictures, videos, and write-ups about all of the construction projects and changes going on around town.

Don't miss this!

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