Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where (some) New Yorkers fear to tread ...

One of the stranger places you can go in NYC isn't on any street -- it's online.

The New York Times has an long feature story today about the subterranean world of people looking for casual sex on Craigslist. This isn't online dating exactly -- where people look at profiles with pictures and lots of information and have to register credit card info and stuff like that -- this is all anonymous, stealthy, and secretive behavior -- a very 21st century Last Tango in Paris kinda thing.

Obviously lots of people do this and nothing bad ever happens (like you don't hear in the news about all of the planes that don't crash) but there have been a few stories (like the tragic death of WABC newsman George Weber) where people thought they were meeting for casual sex and things went very, very wrong. Either that, or they thought they were meeting a hottie and instead met a ... nottie.

On the one hand it's easy to think that folks who do this are weird and desperate but there for but the grace of God goes any of us. On the other hand, in this exhausting super fast-paced, time is money, gotta run society, people have precious time to do anything for very long so penciling in some NSA nookie isn't that surprising. In fact, one might ask, why aren't more New Yorkers doing this?

Being ever prurient, Mr NYC would love know if any of his readers have ever done this. What happened? Were you scared?

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