Friday, April 17, 2009

Letterman on Texas Succesion: "Sounds good to us!"

I'm a New Yorker but also an American. Never in my wildest dreams would I want NYC to secede from the USA (maybe New York State but not the USA).

Well, apparently the Governor and the good people of Texas want to secede from this country. Their complaint? They hate paying taxes and they really hate government and President Obama.

Hmmmmm ... so maybe instead of seceding the good people of Texas should move to ... Somalia. They have no taxes and barely any government there so I'm sure they'd be very happy. In fact, Somalia doesn't have much of anything except PIRATES AND CIVIL WAR! TEXANS LOVE GUNS AND WAR! SOUNDS LIKE A MARRIAGE MADE IN HEAVEN TO ME!

Two days ago the Republicans decided to show their hatred for taxes and government and our first black president by "tea bagging" America. Some of you might think this is crazy but it sounds right to me. After all, the Republicans spent the last eight years screwing us so they decided to follow it by tea bagging us. Next up: a reach around!


  1. i'm from texas and its really sad that people think that this is the majority thinking. we love our president.

  2. Thank you for your two cents. I actually have been to Texas and have relatives who live there so I know it's a great state. It's just a shame your Governor is a tool. But then again, we had Spitzer so I guess it's even.

  3. I'm sick of everyone thinking this is a racist thing! STOP saying we hate the President because he's black. We simply don't like him because he has no idea what he's doing!

  4. Sure it's not a racist thing.

    As for him not knowing what he's doing, last weekend the country made it very clear that you're wrong.


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