Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sam Goody Commercial from 1985

Now that the last Virgin megastore in NYC is closing, the era of the gigantic music store seems to be passing. There used to be lots of them: Virgin, Tower Records, HMV, the Wiz, Sam Goody, and others. They use to be all over the city, as ubiquitous as banks and pharmacies and supermarkets, but the digital revolution has rendered them irrelevant.

Sam Goody went out of business last year. Here's one of their commercials from 1985 -- cheesy, yes, but also endearing. It's interesting to see that even 20 years ago, CDs were grossly overpriced. In this commercial, you can see the seeds of the record industry's destruction.

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  1. Some of the happiest moments of my childhood were spent browsing music in Sam Goody.


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