Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sad Day in NYC TV

Len Berman is one of the best sportscasters on TV ever. A real New York personality, he's been dishing on the city's sports scene for over 23 years on WNBC, and his hilarious "Spanning the World" segment -- a compilation of wacky sports outtakes -- was highly original and often duplicated, long before YouTube came into existence. But now, as these economic tough times roll on, Len Berman is yet another victim. He's been bought out of his contact and will be leaving WNBC soon. It's really sad to see him go. Best of luck Len.

Also, the long-running soap Guiding Light has been cancelled -- and when I say long running, I mean 72 years-long! It's actually older than the medium of television itself! Guiding Light originally started as a radio soap opera and then, when TV came into existence, made the jump. We're talking about a show that's legally old enough to collect Social Security, a show that first premiered when FDR was president, segregation still ruled the land, and Hitler still hadn't invaded Poland. That's some run!

Produced right here in NYC, Guiding Light was a staple soap and now that it's gone, the New York TV business will minus one of its proudest jewels.

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