Saturday, March 13, 2010

And Justice for Some ...

If you've ever been in a New York City cab and the meter seemed to be clicking really fast, you probably thought you were being gouged.

Guess what? You were!

Apparently more than 3,000 cab drivers were recently busted for gouging riders an ext
ra $4 to $5 per trip. The city used GPS technology to figure out the length of various trips vs. what was being charged and figured out which cabs were ripping their passengers off. Some taxi drivers have had their licenses revoked and others are facing stiff fines. Personally I don't want any of these cabbies to lose their licenses or their livelihoods, I just want them to stop ripping of their customers!

But what the city gives with one hand, it taketh away with the other. In 2007, the principal of a NYC Muslim school was forced out of her job due to a McCarthyite witch hunt. A bunch of Republican activists put enormous pressure on the Bloomberg administration to fire her by charging that she harbored terrorist sympathies. Yesterday, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a report indicating that this firing was unjustified, biased, baseless, and political. And what's the city's response? Nada. They won't hire her back. They've dismissed the report and won't reconsider their decision. It sadly goes to show you that some injustices, in life even when they're recognized, will go uncorrected.

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