Monday, March 8, 2010

A Good Politician is Hard to Find

Right now New York has become the epicenter for political corruption. We're giving states like Louisiana and New Jersey a run for their money. If Huey Long rose from the dead and moved to our fair state, he'd feel right at home.

An upstate congressman just resigned due to allegations of sexual harassment; the governor is under siege for several reason; and another very powerful congressman is under investigation and has had to give up his committee chairmanship.

And all of this stuff is happening after, in the last few years, we had a governor and comptroller resign in scandal, along with another congressman who was forced out of office after it was revealed that he had a love child. Plus a former NYC police commissioner who is now in the pokey.

What a mess. The New Yorker has a great piece about this contretemps. Read it and weep ... literally.

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