Sunday, March 14, 2010

Secrets of NYC

They couldn't be more different but these two areas of NYC are part of what makes this city great: City Island and the Bowery.

City Island, that little nautical community off the coast of the Bronx, is a charming village-like place that is the subject of a new movie starring Andy Garcia. I've blogged about this place before and this article from today's Times gives some further insight into this almost secret part of NYC.

Then there's a Bowery. It is an historic and fascinating part of lower Manhattan. It used to be the epitome of the city's Skid Row, a place where the down and out found refuse and where no decent person would ever venture to. Today, it is a booming center of development although it has come at a steep price. Again, the Times today has an interesting story about the evolution of the Bowery -- and particularly poignant story about a man named George.

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