Saturday, March 20, 2010

Meet Carl Berner

At 108, he's the oldest person in NYC. He lives in Queens in the same house he moved into 72 years ago -- back when FDR was president and LaGuardia was Mayor and the Empire State Building was only four years old.

He's an inspiring story. An immigrant from Germany, he came to our shores in 1928 (back when Calvin Coolidge was President and Mayor Jimmy Walker was in his first term) and moved into his current house at the age of 36 (I'm a few years younger than that and can't imagine that the house I might move into in a few years would be the same house I'd be living in for more than eight decades!).

Mr Berner is a former tool and toymaker and still has a wonderful relationship with his family. All of us can only hope that we'll be so lucky to live so long -- and so well.

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