Sunday, March 14, 2010

Who'll Stop the Rain?

Oy vey! For the last two days NYC has been pelted with lots and lots and lots of rain. And it's driving the entire city nuts! You know how when it usually rains, it rains for a while ... then stops ... then rains again ... then stops again ... maybe rains a little more, then stops for good? Not this weekend. It's just been pouring and pouring and pouring non-stop since yesterday morning -- no relief in sight. And the wind has been even fiercer and it's apparently destroyed so many umbrellas that the sidewalks are littered and the trashcans are full of wrecked, cheap umbrellas. It's a mess. The rain is supposed to keep going like this for the next couple of days, then it'll be beautiful. Let's just hope the city hasn't drowned by then. The good that will come out of this, I suppose, is that at least we won't be suffering from a water shortage anytime soon.

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