Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Scandal Ends

As I blogged about earlier, NYC has become Scandal Central lately -- and they haven't all been political scandals. Case in point: the David Letterman extortion plot. A CBS News producer tried to blackmail the late night host for millions over his affairs with staffers. Dave did the right thing, manned up, admitted his infidelities on the air, and had the guy arrested. When this scandal broke, I blogged about what Howard Stern had to say about it; his observations were really, really interesting.

Recently, Vanity Fair published a big article about the Letterman scandal called Big Trouble at 11:35. Very interesting, revealing article about the scandal, David Letterman the man and entertainer, and the vagaries of show business. However, today, the extortionist plead guilty and will spend six months in jail. Letterman, his family and staff, all of his fans, and everyone else except the media must be relieved.

At least this is one NYC scandal that can be put to rest.

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