Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Is New York, 1950

This has to be seen to be believed. They just don't make propaganda like this anymore.

Jump back in time to 1950 and travel with the All American (i.e. white) Lawrence family from Ohio as they take a trip to NYC. We accompany them as they go to, amongst other things, Radio City, the Empire State Building, and Yankees Stadium.

For once, it's okay to be tourists.

Yes, this is New York -- as it was 60 years ago. Although this little movie is very hokey and silly, it's fascinating to see what still exists from then (like Grand Central Station, Madison Square Garden, the Rockettes, the New York Stock Exchange) and what doesn't (the Brooklyn Dodgers, the old Penn Station, New York City's manufacturing base).

Narrated by a booming "voice of God", this little movie has a creepy charm all its own. But what makes it most interesting are the beautiful images of NYC from an a more innocent time.

It was such an innocent time that this move even refers to NYC as"Baghdad by the Sea" I doubt that anyone would call it that today. And remember: "Hit the "doit!"

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  1. Cool video. Unfortunately for us, that's a different MSG. The video shows MSG III at 50th and 8th ave. Our MSG, while a better arena than the older MSG, was built only after the old Penn Station was destroyed (boo).


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